Gluten free Garden Update

Just a quick note to let you know that garden is doing well. The recent rains and sun are helping the slow to ripen tomatoes. Luckily my neighbour Lena’s tomatoes are ripening quicker and she has generously shared them with us and other neighbours. The zucchini are still producing and we have been able to share the bounty with family and friends.

The dill cucumbers are also doing well. We have enjoyed them just washed and salted straight out of the garden, quick pickled in a jar on the kitchen counter and added to salads.

We are closely watching the progress of the spaghetti squash. The plants are flowering and starting to grow small fruit. How is your gluten free garden doing?

Quick Pickles or Quickles

One extra large wide mouth jar

Washed small pickling cucumbers

Lots of Fresh Dill



Optional: Garlic Cloves

 Fill jar ½ full with water

Add salt till the water tastes very salty

Add cucumbers and Dill (Add more water if cucumbers are not covered)

Cover with a plate and let sit on counter for a few days..

Gluten Free Pizza: St. Catharines Neighbourhood Pizza Co.

yo pos pizza

I’m always on the prowl for a new gluten free pizza. It’s probably one of my favourite foods. So versatile- you can top it with a zillion different combinations of items, savoury and even sweet! Yes!

Its been a long while since I’ve had a gfree pizza that I didnt make myself at home. I know that pizza pizza and Dominos have them but I wanted to support something local as always!

I got word that St. Catharines Neighbourhood Pizza co now had gluten free pizzas so OF COURSE I had to try it! (Full disclosure: hubbys best buddy owns the pizza place, so he gave me a heads up when they got the new gfree dough) :)

Its an 8 slice pizza and its crispy and and tastes like an awesome pizza cooked in a pizza oven. Thats the best way I can describe it lol It tastes like a pizza should! Its also very filling, I think I ate 3 pieces of this pizza and was stuffed. Hubby happily ate the rest LOL

You should definitely check them out and give the gfree pizza a try!

Also, they are open 11-9 on Good Friday and 3-10 on Easter Sunday!

St Catharines Pizza Co Phone Number: 905-984-5555

Glutino Genius Bread Review

Genius by Glutino gluten-free bread

I purchased a few loaves of Glutino’s new Genius line of Gluten Free Breads.The white sandwich bread is a good sized slice and toasts up nicely.It is light and airy and tastes pretty much like regular gluten bread.It holds together well and stands up to being grilled for a grilled cheese sandwich.I’d give this 2 thumbs up and would buy it again.The other loaf I tried was their cinnamon raisin loaf.It also is a good sized slice with a lot of raisins and sweetness.I would suggest a bit more of a cinnamon taste although that could just be personal preference.It is also light and airy and toasts up well.It would probably make a nice french toast.It is on sale at Zehrs this week for 2.99 which is an excellent price.You can find it in the freezer section in the Health Food Department.

LIST: Where to get gluten free products in Niagara

gluten-free-dietHere is a list of places to purchase Gluten Free Products in Niagara.

While this is by no means a complete list, it is a start.

If you have a location you would like us to add to our list please leave a comment on our blog or Facebook page and we will add the information!

Grocery Stores

 Health Food Stores


  • Spicy Thai  St   Catharines   (they have a gluten free menu)
  • Dani’s Bistro  St Catharines  (VERY accommodating for GF folks!)
  • August              Beamsville   (they make their own GF pasta, gnocchi & desserts!)
  • Subs Plus  (Scott St  only) St. Catharines
  • Café Amore  St  Catharines   
  • Lina Linguini’s St Catharines  
  • Paolo’s Café   Niagara Falls
  • Jack Astors     St.Catharines   (they just got gluten free buns for their burgers!)
  • Rise Above Bakery   St. Catharines    (delicious vegan GF nanaimo bars!)
  • The Office St. Catharines (they have a gluten free menu online!)
  • Eataly, Port Colborne (Italian Cafe & Deli)