Gluten Free 5 minute Chocolate Cake in a Mug

Ever get a late night craving for something sweet but think you have nothing in the house.You probably have these staples in your pantry to whip up this quick and delicious treat.Gluten Free 5 Minute Chocolate Cake in a Mug!


4 tablespoons rice flour
3 tablespoons sugar
2 tablespoons cocoa
1 egg
3 tablespoons milk (can substitute with non dairy milk)
3 tablespoons melted butter
3 tablespoons chocolate chips,or coconut or marshmallows (these optional add ins are endless)
1 dash vanilla extract


1 .Also required: 1 large coffee mug.

2 .Add dry ingredients to mug, and mix well.
3 .Add the egg and mix thoroughly.
4 .Pour in the milk and butter and mix well.
5 .Add the chocolate chips or other add ins  (if using).
6 .Add vanilla extract, and mix again.
7 .Put your mug in the microwave and cook for approx. 2 minutes 45 seconds on high.
8 .The cake will rise over the top of the mug, but don’t be alarmed!
9 .Allow to cool a little, and tip out onto a plate if desired or eat directly from mug.

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