What did you eat for dinner this weekend? I had PIZZA!

2013-01-17 21.56.31Pizza. One of my most favourite foods in the world. Pretty sure my mom feels the same way too. We love our pizza.

I think one of the first things     I thought about after going gluten free was “how am I going to be able to survive without pizza?” Well, you don’t have to!

There are many gluten free pizza options and we’ve tried a number of them. Cauliflower crust, almond flour crust, pre-made crusts by a number of gluten free companies. I knew immediately that my favourite was Udi’s Pizza Crust!

It’s about 6 bucks and comes in a pack of two. I find that as a couple we can both eat a pizza ourselves (we both have healthy appetites) but for a lunch or lighter dinner you could share a pizza and add a salad & it would be perfect. Also helps to stretch the budget by sharing a pizza too 🙂

This weekend I made a Hawaiian pizza- with homemade tomato sauce, old cheddar, red onion, pineapple, bacon and freshly ground black pepper. It was fantastic.

2013-01-17 22.17.31

2 thoughts on “What did you eat for dinner this weekend? I had PIZZA!

  1. Workdays can be busy, I know, so shortcuts are always in order! But, Ouch! $6 for a crust. I can’t make it through a week without pizza, so inventing my own crust was really important to save $$$. I have adapted the Gluten Free Thin Pizza Crust from Food.com, and it works very well. Happy munching.

  2. You get two crusts for $6. Could feed two hungry people (to eat both pizzas), or 2 people could share one pizza with a salad on the side (giving you two meals for $6)

    I’d love to see the recipe! Can you post it here? Can you make a large batch and freeze some crusts?

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