kale potluck nametagSo, we had a kale party. A potluck kale party. A tweet up. And it rocked.

A group of us local foodies got together last night. Everyone brought a dish that incorporated kale. Some of the people who came didn’t like kale and others love kale. But by the end of the night EVERYONE was converted to a kale lover!

It was so nice to finally get to meet some of the wonderful people I’ve been tweeting with! But enough about the event, lets get to the food!

I don’t remember exactly who brought what but there was such a variety of vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, gluten full, meat filled, hearty, healthy, rich foods there- it was just a blast.

Check out the pics below for some of the food we ate! I brought a gluten free carrot- kale spiced muffin with goat cheese icing using the Namaste spice cake mix (I just love their products!!)

And a huge thanks to JoAnne & her husband for hosting us in their FABULOUS home. Also to Tiffany & Suzanne for the great idea of the kale potluck!!


My plate! Cod croquette, torta, curry, peanut stew, kale salad. OH MY.

Before this plate, I ate a bowl of chili. After it, I ate another bowl of chili.


Hands down the best chili I’ve ever eaten. Pinto bean, kale, butternut squash & the best beef ever. With fresh authentic toppings. I brought some home for lunch tomorrow- I HAD TO!


Some of the kale krusaders hanging out while the buffet of kale dishes is being set up. Look at all that goodness!

kale cupcake

My gluten free carrot-kale muffin with goat cheese icing!

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