Dining: Gluten Free Fish n’ Chips at Dom’s! (@DomsPastaGrill)


On Friday I was a guinea pig. In the best kind of way.

It all started on a Friday a week or two ago when Dom’s Pasta Grill tweeted about their fish n’ chips special ($9.99) and I whined back to them that I wish they did a gluten free version. Then, to my surprise, they messaged me back and said they were going to try it the following Friday and use me as a guinea pig!

I stopped by this past Friday night and enjoyed FANTASTIC gluten free battered fish and lots of fries. The batter was everything I remembered good deep fried fish to be. Light, crispy, golden. It was awesome.

They are going to keep it on their menu since it was a success! It will be available for $11.99 (even on Fridays) which I think is more than a fair price, especially for the huge serving! It ended up being two meals for me 🙂

They ask that you call ahead, especially on Fridays, just so they can make sure they have enough of the gluten free ingredients on hand.

Run, don’t walk, to Dom’s this week and enjoy some fish n chips!


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