Graze the Bench!

el gastro graze

This weekend I Grazed the Bench for the first time (despite living on the Bench for almost my whole life). Big thanks to Wine Country Ontario– I won the 2 passes through them!

My husband ended up having to work, so I thought it would be fun to bring my dad along! We went to Hidden Bench first to pickup our packages, then over to Angels Gate and finally Organized Crime for some amazing food from El Gastro!

Its always nice when I’m eating out and food just happens to be gluten free on it’s own. Then I don’t feel like a pain asking for something to be altered in some way so I can eat it.

Thankfully that happened! El Gastro was serving this amazing charcoal grilled chicken skewer with guacamole and hot smoked pineapple habanero hot sauce with an herb salad. It was SO GOOD. Spicy and creamy and smoky with the fresh herbs on top- the perfect light lunch to go with a nice glass of “The Mischief”.

I love that they had a vineyard trail to get to all the different wineries. It was a really awesome Saturday afternoon!

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