About Irene & Chelsey

I’m Chelsey (@GFreeChelsey)  “The daughter” who is approaching the big 3-0 kinda soon-ish and decided that I really want to take control of my health. I’m a wife, mom to a half-dozen cats (seriously), a fur-foster parent & an athlete. I suffer from hormonal acne and that’s the main reason I removed gluten from my life. And it’s done wonders!

I’m a huge foodie so this is a challenge!  I didn’t want to have to stop eating the foods I love, so I started baking and making my own gluten free versions! Nothing can stop me from eating chocolate chip banana bread!

305382_10150332194967046_1384792749_CSI wanted to start this blog with my mom because people started to ask me for gluten free advice & tips, but my mom’s the one I always go to- so I thought that both of us together would be a pretty good combo!


I’m Irene (@GFreeIrene) The mother part of the team. I am a wife, mother, volunteer and social worker who lives in the Niagara Region. I share my home with 3 Golden Retrievers and 1 Husband. The Golden’s and I live a gluten free life, the dogs for skin allergies and myself for digestive issues.
I have been plagued throughout my life with different stomach ailments; I’ll spare you the details. Some years were worse than others for reasons unknown. In November 2011 after receiving a negative celiac test I decided to just give a gluten free diet a trial to see if I could alleviate some symptoms. Not only did it make a difference in my digestive issues, I lost weight fairly effortlessly and noticed other health benefits like better sleep and an easing of menopausal symptoms.
Chelsey and I have picked up a few gluten free tricks along the way that we thought you might be interested in. The information we will be sharing is for people wanting to live gluten free for reasons other than celiac. We are hoping this blog can you help you on your gluten free journey in Niagara.

2 thoughts on “About Irene & Chelsey

  1. Excellent ladies! 🙂 My Dad is gluten free as well and I limit my consumption. Definitely going to share your blog with him and his girlfriend too! I am sure that they would love to try out some new recipes! ❤

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