Dining: The Works (@TheWorksStKitts)


The Works. I looked at their menu online for what seemed like hours in preparation of our dinner. There were FIFTY burgers to choose from.  Insane!

I narrowed down my list to 6 before I got there, and then I ended up picking a completely different burger at the last minute lol One of the local favourites.

It was awesome! I LOVE avocado and this had tons on it! The burgers were thick and juicy and tons of flavor. It was one of the best burgs I’ve had in a long time.

And the best news (for a gfree girl like me) was that they have gluten free buns. And I’ve tried a few in my day, most of which were basically hockey pucks. Not this bun! It was so soft- I honestly couldn’t even tell it was gfree. It was awesome.


The atmosphere was great in there, love the fun décor. They even had the big window open to the street (it was a nice evening) so you could do lots of people watching (which I love!)

Prices were great, and I hear they have gfree gravy so I’m definitely going to check out a big huge poutine the next time we go 🙂

Graze the Bench!

el gastro graze

This weekend I Grazed the Bench for the first time (despite living on the Bench for almost my whole life). Big thanks to Wine Country Ontario– I won the 2 passes through them!

My husband ended up having to work, so I thought it would be fun to bring my dad along! We went to Hidden Bench first to pickup our packages, then over to Angels Gate and finally Organized Crime for some amazing food from El Gastro!

Its always nice when I’m eating out and food just happens to be gluten free on it’s own. Then I don’t feel like a pain asking for something to be altered in some way so I can eat it.

Thankfully that happened! El Gastro was serving this amazing charcoal grilled chicken skewer with guacamole and hot smoked pineapple habanero hot sauce with an herb salad. It was SO GOOD. Spicy and creamy and smoky with the fresh herbs on top- the perfect light lunch to go with a nice glass of “The Mischief”.

I love that they had a vineyard trail to get to all the different wineries. It was a really awesome Saturday afternoon!

Dining: Off the Hook Fish n Chips (@offthehook749)

off the hookOkay, so I’m a bad blogger. The most important thing on a blog about food is pictures of the food. Well, I didn’t take any food pics! Every time a dish came to the table I was so excited that I ate it right away. UGH. So unlike me to not photograph my food.

Anyways I still had to write about it because it was a great dining experience and although its a bit outside of Niagara (Stoney Creek) its worth the short drive to check this place out.

The interior is really cool. Cool pendant lighting, a fireplace and a menu on a chalk board (I LOVE menus on chalk boards lol) And they have a number of awesome gluten free items to choose from. Fried in a dedicated fryer as well!

They have gluten free: fish, fish tacos, fries, onion rings, poutine, calamari. We ate: fish (halibut) n chips, salad, poutine, calamari and fish tacos. We had a bit of a binge but we shared it all so it’s okay, right? They also have like a gazillion (okay, maybe 10) homemade sauces instead of the regular tartar. How fun! We had a wicked wasabi one with our fish.

Prices were very reasonable, the staff was very pleasant. I am looking forward to our next visit! Check them out on Twitter or on their Facebook page (they have a location in Toronto as well)


Dining: Joe Feta’s Greek Village

My husband and I frequently eat at Joe Feta’s Greek Village in St. Catharines.It is always quick, delicious and very reasonable. While they do not have a dedicated gluten free menu,they have many naturally gluten free items.I usually order the Gyro Pita with a side greek salad or roasted potatoes (rice is also an optional side). I ask for no pita and they gladly accommodate by serving the Gyro meat accompanied by some chopped tomatoes and tzatziki sauce. With a little creativity and being mindful of where the gluten is you can keep on your gluten free journey and dine out.

Gluten Free Pizza: St. Catharines Neighbourhood Pizza Co.

yo pos pizza

I’m always on the prowl for a new gluten free pizza. It’s probably one of my favourite foods. So versatile- you can top it with a zillion different combinations of items, savoury and even sweet! Yes!

Its been a long while since I’ve had a gfree pizza that I didnt make myself at home. I know that pizza pizza and Dominos have them but I wanted to support something local as always!

I got word that St. Catharines Neighbourhood Pizza co now had gluten free pizzas so OF COURSE I had to try it! (Full disclosure: hubbys best buddy owns the pizza place, so he gave me a heads up when they got the new gfree dough) 🙂

Its an 8 slice pizza and its crispy and and tastes like an awesome pizza cooked in a pizza oven. Thats the best way I can describe it lol It tastes like a pizza should! Its also very filling, I think I ate 3 pieces of this pizza and was stuffed. Hubby happily ate the rest LOL

You should definitely check them out and give the gfree pizza a try!

Also, they are open 11-9 on Good Friday and 3-10 on Easter Sunday!

St Catharines Pizza Co Phone Number: 905-984-5555

Dining: Chang Noi’s Authentic Thai

chang noi

I love thai food. It’s awesome that lots of the cuisine is gluten free- but I still loved it way before I ever removed gluten from my diet too.

Pad thai, fresh salads, warm soups- MMMM….

Chang Noi is on Queenston in St. Catharines. I’ve only dined there 3 times but every time was fantastic. The last time, we got takeout- and it was every bit as good as dining in (Except we could be extra lazy and eat it in our PJ’s, so maybe for that reason the takeout was even better)

We shared a big, spicy soup, pad thai, mango salad. It was all delish!

The best part is that they have a little symbol on their menu that says “gluten free” so its super easy to navigate your way to gluten free goodness!

Stop by for lunch or dinner sometime and let us know what you think!

Dining: Gluten Free Fish n’ Chips at Dom’s! (@DomsPastaGrill)


On Friday I was a guinea pig. In the best kind of way.

It all started on a Friday a week or two ago when Dom’s Pasta Grill tweeted about their fish n’ chips special ($9.99) and I whined back to them that I wish they did a gluten free version. Then, to my surprise, they messaged me back and said they were going to try it the following Friday and use me as a guinea pig!

I stopped by this past Friday night and enjoyed FANTASTIC gluten free battered fish and lots of fries. The batter was everything I remembered good deep fried fish to be. Light, crispy, golden. It was awesome.

They are going to keep it on their menu since it was a success! It will be available for $11.99 (even on Fridays) which I think is more than a fair price, especially for the huge serving! It ended up being two meals for me 🙂

They ask that you call ahead, especially on Fridays, just so they can make sure they have enough of the gluten free ingredients on hand.

Run, don’t walk, to Dom’s this week and enjoy some fish n chips!


Dining: Valentines Tapas at August (@Augustresto)

Last Thursday was Valentines Day and to celebrate hubby & I went to August! (my parents did too actually, just a bit earlier than we did)

We’ve dined there many times before, its such a great place in Beamsville (where I grew up) and thought it would be fun to try the tapas! They do tapas on Tuesday and Thursday from 7-9pm. Its a GREAT menu too!

First things first, I’ve had tapas many times before at other restaurants, and Augusts’ portions sizes were VERY generous!

Now let’s get to the good stuff. What did we eat? Well…. here we go (pictures below)

I started with a caesar salad and the most wonderful “teenie tiny” sweet potato and apple soup. Hubby started with a caesar salad and mushroom feta bruschetta.

We shared a crab dip (i ate mine with cornbread). Then hubby had a texas shepherds pie- it was this awesome pulled pork topped with mac n cheese!

We both then had korean bbq short ribs, which probably was my favourite thing that night (besides dessert of course)

For dessert we shared some of Fabiola’s famous cheesecake (you can check out here blog Shamecake here) and a raspberry creme brulee. She always makes the cheesecakes gluten free- what a good woman.

My bestie (who I always ask for wine recommendations) suggested we go with a Kacaba Rebecca Rose- and it was fantastic! Great choice!

Fantastic Valentines Day! You should definitely check out August for tapas or their regular menu, and their weekend brunch is FABULOUS too!

DINING: The Office Tap & Grill


My husband and I went out for dinner on Monday night to celebrate his new job! Funny, but I actually came to our blog to look at the list of places to dine and realized The Office wasn’t on the list- (it is now)

It’s a smaller, locally owned place downtown St. Catharines. They have a fantastic atmosphere, great drinks and incredible food (and prices!). The Office has a gluten free menu you can scope out beforehand online. Their staff is very knowledgeable as well.

The best part is that Mon-Wed you can bring your own wine & its free corkage! They keep all the bottles, recycle them and then donate the money to the Out of the Cold program. LOVE IT!

Hubby had a cuban sandwich and fries. I had a salad to start and these two amazing dishes: Beef Tenderloin Skewers and Trio of Shrimp.

AMAZING! You should definitely check it out.

the office the office 2


kale potluck nametagSo, we had a kale party. A potluck kale party. A tweet up. And it rocked.

A group of us local foodies got together last night. Everyone brought a dish that incorporated kale. Some of the people who came didn’t like kale and others love kale. But by the end of the night EVERYONE was converted to a kale lover!

It was so nice to finally get to meet some of the wonderful people I’ve been tweeting with! But enough about the event, lets get to the food!

I don’t remember exactly who brought what but there was such a variety of vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, gluten full, meat filled, hearty, healthy, rich foods there- it was just a blast.

Check out the pics below for some of the food we ate! I brought a gluten free carrot- kale spiced muffin with goat cheese icing using the Namaste spice cake mix (I just love their products!!)

And a huge thanks to JoAnne & her husband for hosting us in their FABULOUS home. Also to Tiffany & Suzanne for the great idea of the kale potluck!!


My plate! Cod croquette, torta, curry, peanut stew, kale salad. OH MY.

Before this plate, I ate a bowl of chili. After it, I ate another bowl of chili.


Hands down the best chili I’ve ever eaten. Pinto bean, kale, butternut squash & the best beef ever. With fresh authentic toppings. I brought some home for lunch tomorrow- I HAD TO!


Some of the kale krusaders hanging out while the buffet of kale dishes is being set up. Look at all that goodness!

kale cupcake

My gluten free carrot-kale muffin with goat cheese icing!