Review: Breton Gluten Free Crackers


My mom brought over a couple packs of these. We had both seen them appear on the shelves of a couple stores but they were on the expensive side. Luckily they went on sale for 2 boxes for $5 so a good time to try em!

We cracked open a box and shared one. The texture was great. Light and crunchy and crispy. I haven’t had a real Breton cracker in a couple of years but from what I remember, these gfree ones taste JUST like that!

Its a good size too. Especially if you are like my mom and I who are always trying to cram meats and cheeses on top of a tiny rice cracker! This is a nice change- more room for toppings!

If you spot these in a store near you, give them a try and let me know what you think!

Review: Gluten Free “Animal Crackers”

gf_arrowrootLast week I was sick ALL week long with a bad cold. It was horrible. I had no appetite at all but would get some odd cravings and that’s all I wanted to eat and couldn’t think of anything else. I’m usually that way when I’m sick. And most often the only thing I can think of eating is something fresh. Usually some kind of fruit. Last week I survived primarily off of peaches.

Then I had this craving. For animal crackers. Which are cookies, so I have no idea why they are called crackers…. but I digress.

I needed to have them. I wanted that arrowroot flavour in tiny animal shaped form. I hunted down some gluten free ones that are awesome and satisfied me! Mi-Del Gluten Free Arrowroot cookies- that just happen to be in the shape of animals 🙂

If you ever get the same craving as I did, you should try these. They are really awesome.


Review: Nature’s Path Organic Crunchy Granola Bars

brg-5pk-crb-pchoc-us-a1l1I woke up one day earlier this week with a HUGE craving for one of those crunchy peanut butter granola bars (that came in a pack of two) that I always enjoyed as a kid. No idea where it came from, but the craving was strong.

I hunted around at the store to see if there was anything that was similar, sans gluten. I found something! Nature’s Path Organic makes a line of the crunch granola bars. Even more awesome, is they have a peanut butter one too! They are non-gmo (which of course I love!) and they dont contain any wheat. Because some are labelled as “gluten free” and some aren’t (these ones arent) I read the ingredients list over and over again just to be sure but they seem good to go! I don’t seen any gluten in there!

I know oats are a hit or miss for some people avoiding gluten but they seem to be okay for me.

I have tried the peanut choco flavour as well as the apple pie chia flavour and both are awesome! I hear the pumpkin pie one is really great too, and since its almost fall- I think that one will be making an appearance in my kitchen soon.

Craving satisfied.

Review: Udi’s Soft Tortillas

Review: Not much more to say here than THESE ARE AWESOME.

tortillas udis

They come in a small size (which is what I bought) or a big size. I got them at Bamboo Market but I havent seen them anywhere else yet!

We used them for fish tacos the night I bought them, and then later in the week I made a quesadilla with extra old cheddar, apples and black pepper in the middle- YUM.

You put them in a hot pan to crisp them up a bit and they tend to puff up in the middle at first, so they look like naan bread, and to be honest, the texture is very similar. A crispy outside but soft/chewy in the middle…

You should most definitely try these out. I think you will enjoy!

Review: Chebe Focaccia Mix

focaccia 2I love pizzas and flatbreads and focaccia and buns and bread. I love it all. So when I went gluten free that was tough. But I have found a couple breads and bagels I really like, although I try not to eat toooo much of them- which is hard lol. Pizzas are hit or miss when dining out, but I have a few favourites there too.

Focaccia is something that I never dreamed of being able to eat being gfree. I’ve never attempted to make it before nor have a seen a mix for it- until now! I was at Winners and saw the Chebe mix. I have had good experiences with Chebe before so I bought it and made it the next day. It was a tomato and pesto focaccia. And it was gooooood.

focacciaThe dough came together like a real wheat dough which was cool. It had nice flavour. It was soft in the middle and crispy on the bottom. I think because you need to add cheese into the mix (which they say is optional but i think its mandatory) it helped get that crispness on the bottom. mmm….

If you love focaccia and not gluten- TRY THIS! I bought it at Winners for $3.99.

Baking with (Gluten Free) Bisquick


Bisquick. Something I don’t think I’ve ever had before. Mostly used for pancakes. Seems to be an American thing (from what I’ve seen and read on blogs/recipe sites)

My mom bought a box of the gluten free kind in the US. It has about 3 cups of the mix in it. The crazy thing is, you can make a zillion things with it! Pancakes, Waffles, Battered Fish and Chicken Fingers, Pizza Dough, Muffins, Cinnamon Buns, Shortcake, Biscuits- its wild!

Okay, I know its not exactly good for you but it’s pretty cool that you can whip up all these things with just that mix and a couple other ingredients. It was fun to try some of the things out!

I made pancakes, which were honestly the best gfree I’ve ever had (rice flour pancakes are a close second) but the texture of these ones were unreal. I also made blueberry muffins which were awesome and literally took me under 5 minutes to mix up. Can’t beat that.

This is the recipe I used for the muffins

Here’s a whole bunch of other bisquick recipes too!

Have you ever used this product before?

Review: Plentils Chips!

enjoy-life-plentil-flavorsWTF is a Plentil you ask? It’s a chip- made from lentils!

They are fantastic, crispy little squares. The best part? Gluten free AND also free of the 8 most common allergens, so pretty well everyone can eat them.

I’ve tried the dill/sour cream and the garlic/parmesan versions- both were great but my fav is the latter. Love that garlic!

They are great to eat on their own, but are sturdy enough for the toughest dips.

I highly recommend trying them! Plentils by Enjoy Life!

Review: Chebe Cinnamon Roll Mix


I have been craving Cinnabon for about.. oh, i dunno, maybe 7 months now. I have not ran into a gluten free cinnamon bun that even remotely compares. Not even close. And its disappointing. I think anything that is yeast risen, doesnt really make for a good gluten free version. Someone should get on that.

My mom picked up this mix in the states. It was cheap too. $2.50. While its no Cinnabon (the quest continues) they were pretty good. For the price, I would get them again.

The outside was crispy, inside was kind of elastic-y. Not in a bad way. The texture is hard to explain. The dough came together and rolled easily. They baked up just as they should have. Mine dont look like the ones on the box, but whose ever does, right?

I decided to make a cream cheese icing to put on top since I REALLY wanted these to be like Cinnabon lol but… they weren’t. I think I have to stop thinking about them. Or just eat one and suffer the consequences, just to get it out of my system. But then its a slippery slope. I digress.

Does anyone have a great cinnamon bun recipe? Cinnamon bread? Loaf? Muffin? Please share! I dont care what form it takes, as long as its amazingly close to Cinnabon. I wish I could just request that they make me a gfree bun lol….Maybe soon.

Chebe Cinnamon Roll Mix

Review: Pretzels, Pretzels, Pretzels!


I really enjoy a pretzel. They are crunchy and salty and a great vehicle for dips.

I especially like pretzels dipped in chocolate. Salty sweet is my favourite thing ever. I’ve been thinking about making some chocolate dipped pretzels for a while now but haven’t had a pretzel in a long time.

I have recently tried two gluten free pretzels. Glutino and Snyders. In all honesty, both tasted the same to me. Both were great! Really crunchy, lots of salt. Just how I like them. I had the “stick” version of both (I like that I can scoop lots of dip or peanut butter onto them lol)

I think the Snyders’ win for me. Based on price mostly (since they both tasted the same) My mom got them at Wegmans for 2 for $5! I believe the Glutino ones at the Superstore are around $9 for a bit of a larger bag.

So now that I’ve found gluten free pretzels I like, its time to experiment with recipes. Maybe I can grind them up into a pretzel crust! Dip them in chocolate or caramel. Sprinkle them over vanilla ice cream.

What fun recipes do you have that use pretzels? Share with me!


Gay Lea Gold Sour Cream Review

picture of sour cream gold

I LOVE sour cream.I will put it on almost anything,dip into it with various dippers ,and eat it by the spoonful. I noticed this in my local grocery store recently and I thought I would give it a try.How could it be different I thought, compared to all the various sour cream varieties out there?

I could be dating myself here but this sour cream takes me way back to when I was much younger and when food was food.This sour cream has 3 ingredients only and is gluten free.It is super thick and creamy and has just the right amount of tang.Try Gay Lea Gold this weekend with your Cinco de Mayo celebratory Mexican Fiesta.